• Over 20 Years Experience
  • TEFL Trained
  • ESOL Certified
  • Fun & Engaging
  • Relevant Practical Methods
  • Achievable outcomes
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Learning will include a combination of singing, role-play, jokes, and of course practical everyday examples of how to use the language that is being taught. So don't delay: get involved & get learning, with Excellence in English.
Six courses: Beginner 1, 2, 3, and Intermediate 1, 2, 3. Each course is 12 weeks, i.e. 24 learning hours. Topics include talking about you, everyday life, food, places and travel. Homework is given and there is e-mail support available around the clock.
Beginners: follow short conversations, ask and answer questions and describe some past activities on everyday topics. Intermediate: take part in longer conversations on a wider variety of topics while using more tenses.

Learn to Speak English Online

Learning the TEFL Course

Excellence in English Online Tuition Centre offers high quality English Courses. Learn to Speak English online with a TEFL trained ESOL certified teacher with 29 years language teaching experience. Fun, engaging, relevant and practical methods will be employed to help you to learn to speak English online.

English is the lingua franca of international business, science, technology, and aviation, so having a working knowledge of it is a step in the right direction. Excellence in English Online Tuition Centre is a company whose aim is to do just what the name says: to deliver an excellent standard of English tuition via the Internet.

Which of the following seems more your style?

If you chose number 2, then Excellence in English Online Tuition Centre is the place for you to learn English online. When a language is learned correctly, nuances and slang expressions can fall into place afterwards, once some level of mastery is attained. However, if you start out by learning incorrectly, it becomes more difficult to undo bad habits.

Excellence in English Online Tuition Centre is run by a former teacher with over 20 years experience. An outstanding practitioner, she always puts excellence first. While French and Spanish were the languages she taught to secondary school students, she is UK TEFL trained by passing the TEFL Course, and is also an ESOL certified teacher. Learn English online with our English Language Courses, which are all taught online.

How are our English Courses delivered?

Find out how our online English Courses are delivered here. we have courses for beginners and intermediate English speakers. Contact us to discuss exactly what level of English tuition you need, as everyone will be different and have different levels of understanding and speaking English.

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What our customers say.

Althea was my conversation partner about 20 years ago, and even though my vocabulary is a little rusty, I am still able to speak English well enough for English speakers to understand me."

-Guzin Boyer, Turkey